Artist Bio: Aobaprod 

With rich sonic textures, undulating bass and a pillar of rhythmic grooves, Aobaprod has been making a name for himself in the heart of Tokyo with his unique brand of electronic dance music. 

Aobaprod grew up in Switzerland, and was indoctrinated into music through his autodidact father. He laid his hands on his first DJ setup at the end of the 1980’s, which cemented his passion for the artform. Since then, Aobaprod has found himself heavily involved with the conception and creation of music. 

Aobaprod moved to Australia where he pursued an audio engineering degree to refine his craft, before moving to Tokyo in the 90’s. It was here where he cut his teeth working various temp jobs around Tokyo’s local recording studios while becoming a part of the local music scene. 

Through his imprint Aoba Productions, he also lends his production skills to those around him, in an effort to help his clients realize their vision. Aobaprod continues to help record and produce all types of music from around Japan and the rest of the world. 

Having spent the last 15 years forging his own sound and developing something that he believes is unique to himself, Aobaprod is ready to share his expressions with the world. His debut album aptly titled ‘First’ was released March 2020, and was quickly followed up by an EP ‘Hey!’ in April. Aobaprod has also just released a new single this past May 8th which is titled ‘Matrix’. Further release details to follow.

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